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In 1908, my Grandparents William Beecham and Margaret (Mahoney) Beecham traveled from their home in Palmyra, Nebraska USA for a visit to his birthplace near Clogheen, Co. Tipperary and her parents birthplace, Mitchelstown, Co. Cork. They acquired these postcards during that trip.   [Letter from Wm. to Palmyra newspaper.]
- Margaret Beecham Skean, Lincoln, Nebraska

Each picture is available in two sizes.
("K" is image file's size in kilobytes.)

Clogheen, Co. Tipperary:
Main St. 18K, 78K | View in Main St. 27K, 94K| Square 31K, 220K | Saint Mary's Church 30K, 86K | Father Sheehy's Memorial 31K, 87K

Mitchelstown, Co. Cork:
Baldwin St. 14K, 82K | King St 14K, 74K | Upper Cork St 13K, 67K | Mulberry Village 14K, 69K | Holy well 15K, 90K | Castle 13K, 79K | Kingston College 24K, 64K | Mall 16K, 91K | Square 13K, 76K

Clonmel, Co. Tipperary:
Parnell St. 21K, 79K | Boathouse 17K, 71K | Old bridge 24K, 70K | River Suir 21K, 69K | Saint Mary's 25K, 68K | West Gate 25K, 71K | West Gate from East 16K, 71K

Saint Patrick's Day:
Greetings 40K, 114K | 17th March 21K, 73K | March 17th 25K, 73K | Souvenir 33K, 102K | Pipe 32K, 106K

Can we attract you? 23K, 67K | Erin Go Bragh Pipe 14K, 13K | United by.. 38K, 126K | Remember Green Ireland 20K, 63K | Three Cheers 29K, 82K | Good Luck 26K, 76K | Ireland Forever-Antrim 33K, 106K | Ireland Forever-Killarney 30K, 93K | Would you were in Ireland 25K, 72K

Jaunting Car 28K, 88K | Irish Jig 30K, 96K | Irish Jig "Humor" 30K, 95K | Distant Mt. Melleray 33K, 85K | Mt. Melleray Monastary 32K, 89K | Miss Aileen Mac Carthy 19K, 57K | Turf Carrier 34K, 104K | Slattery's Mounted Fut 21K, 64K

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